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International Identification System

Protect all your Valuables with a ZMark

Label or Tag all your Items & Documents

Mobile Phones, Laptops, Headphones, EarBuds, Power Banks, Car Keys, Keys, Glasses, Sunglasses, Watch, Luggage, Pets, Clothing, Handbags/ManBags & Accessories, Tools, Camera & Video Equipment, Passport, Wallet, Bank & Credit Cards, Personal Equipment, Sports Equipment, Bicycles & Scooters, pretty much Anything!

Secure & Private with no Identifiable Contact Details on any of your Items.

Register your ZMark in 3 Easy Steps!

Protect your Valuables with a ZMark

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Label & Tag up all your Valuables, Important Documents & Wallet/Purse with your Personal ZMark for piece of mind if you lose or misplace any of them.

The Finder simply Scans the QR Code from the Label on your Item or goes to the ZMarked Website & types in your Personal ZMark Number on the Found Item Link to get your Contact Details that you have chosen to be Visible on your Dashboard.

Minimum Requirement is a User/Nick Name & an Email Address.

Add & Toggle on/off your other Contact Details as Required:

Name, Contact Number, Address, Alternative Address, Alt Address, Alt Number & Other Required Info.

For Example for Security & Personal Privacy keep your User/Nick Name toggled on, if you lose somhing Valuable or Important, simply Toggle on your Mobile, Alternative Contact Number, Address or Alternative Address so you can get Contacted Quicker, Simply Toggle back off once you get your Item Returned.


Offer a Reward for your Item on your Dashboard if required, if your Items are not Insured it may be the only reason a finder decides to contact you & the Reward you Offer may be Cheaper than your Insurance Excess.


Private & Secure with the Minimum Requirement being a User/Nick Name & an Email Address, no identifying information on any of your Personal Items, no one can read your Personal Details from your Luggage Tags, Items that you have Labelled or Tagged up etc.

Its a No Brainer Simply Buy your Personal ZMark & Label/Tag Pack & Label & Tag all your Valuables & Important Documents, peice of mind for the price of a couple of drinks.


1. Included in the Label Pack is a Key Tag, lost Car Keys without an Identifying Code can cost hundreds of $$$£££s & take time, Tag up your Keys & Offer a Small Reward for a Quick Return.

2. Your Mobile Phone is Lost & out of Power, the Finder can Scan the QR Code from your ZMark Label & email you, if you have gone onto your Dashboard & Toggled on your Alternative Contact Number, the Finder can Contact you Easily.

3. Items that Identify you but have no direct way of contacting you:

Passport, Driving Licence, Bank Card, ID CardsWallet & Purse etc.

3 Easy Steps

Register your ZMark.

Order your Label & Tag Pack.

Label up all your Items.

Change any of your Contact Details at any time easily on your Dashboard.



Found This Item?


Valuable Items Owned in the Family


Mobiles Phones





Sun Glasses







Designer Items

Total Value: $23,000

Average Item Cost: $600

A ZMark is the price of a Coffee

Get ZMarked up Today for Piece of Mind

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